We help organizations by creating customized, jargon-free, digital marketing plans to help them stand out in their industries.


Digital Display Advertising

Whether your customers are local or scattered across the country, we can help you find them on the web and on their mobile devices by way of our audience extension strategies. Our in-house digital media buyer will plan and optimize your campaign tailored to reach your specific goal whether it is branding, driving website traffic, increasing your customer base, or a combination these things and more.  Our priority is understanding your business so that we can assist you in taking it to the next level.

We have a variety of digital tactics from which to build a complete campaign strategy. The following are just a few possibilities:

  • Demographic targeting
  • Behavior and interest targeting
  • Contextual targeting
  • Keyword search retargeting
  • Hyperlocal mobile targeting
  • Geo-location retargeting
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Facebook


Micro-targeted Email Blasts

Reach new customers through the power of email directed at specific audiences. Targeting can be based on geography, demography, behavior and interests. All recipients have opted in twice to receive advertising emails, and the lists are scrubbed regularly to ensure the data is fresh.

Creative Development

We can design print and digital ads that deliver your targeted message and connect with your audience. Brochures, collateral, mailers are meticulously designed to create visual appeal and reinforce your brand message. Get noticed with attention-getting mailers that cut through the clutter and generate a response. We can also develop a graphic brand identity that stands out in the marketplace.

Print Advertising

We are still strong believers in the premise that print advertising is essential to the success of any effective marketing campaign. This belief is based on experience – all of us here at Kingsdale have seen firsthand how print makes possible the communication of useful consumer information. The results of a consistent, well-crafted print campaign are multitudinous – from selling a company or product’s benefits, increasing brand lift, generating leads and driving traffic, creating awareness and credibility to shaping image. No advertising tactic delivers such a broad range of results across such a diverse demographic spectrum.