Diversity can be an intelligent strategy

You’ve probably heard financial experts tout the benefits of diversifying investments. Having a diverse group of friends adds spice to your life. Diversity in the workplace is celebrated. So, why would you put all of your advertising budget into a single tactic?

I know for some, the answer may be that the budget is pretty small, and in that case, I agree that focusing on a single tactic that will give you the biggest bang for your buck is a smart idea. For others, though, the budget is big enough to use several tactics, doing so provides the opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

Not everyone reads the paper. Not everyone listens to Pandora. Not everyone drives past that billboard on the highway. Unless your audience is a single person, each member will likely have different habits when it comes to consuming information. Sure you know that only people of a certain lifestyle or mindset will want your product or service, but how do you reach those people?

Take for example, an all-inclusive vacation at a tropical resort. Those are my favorite! They are my best friend’s favorite, as well. If you try to reach both of us by using just one tactic to tell us that we can save hundreds of dollars on a trip if we book by Friday, you are likely to miss at least one of us. While we are best friends with similar tastes in vacations, we have very different tastes in how we spend our time online. She despises Facebook, while I probably spend a little too much time there. She enjoys listening to traditional radio, while I spend more time listening to eclectic mixes on Pandora. She might be more likely to open an email, while my inbox is overwhelmingly full on a daily basis and most unimportant messages get trashed rather quickly. A single advertising tactic is unlikely to reach both of us.

If you want to make sure that we both see your offer, you need to diversify your tactics. Place an ad in the paper, send an email blast, and contextually target online articles about travel and tourism. You could even run a pay per click campaign, but keep in mind that if we are not actively looking for a specific vacation, we won’t be searching Google for your keywords. However, if during our daily routine, we see or hear an ad for amazing savings on a great destination that requires us to book quickly, that might spur us to take action despite not initially being in the market for a vacation.

When considering tactics, you want to make sure that you keep them focused. Too many tactics can water down your budget and not all options are right for the message. For this reason, you need to talk to an experienced media planner about the right strategy for your advertising campaign. Give Kingsdale Media Company a call. We’d love to help you!