Answering 1 question with 5 questions

By Niki Morock

As the digital media director at Kingsdale Media, I occasionally tag along with our advertising specialists when they meet with potential clients. Inevitably, I am asked, “If I’m going to do digital, how much should I spend?” There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to that question, and the only way for me to answer it is by asking more questions.

  1. Who are you trying to reach with the campaign?
  2. How long do you want to run the campaign?
    • Is it short-term, for a one-day only type of event?
    • Will it be long-term, ongoing for brand awareness?
    • Or, will it be a combination, or something different?
  3. What action do you want to the audience to take, if any? The answer could be awareness, engagement on social media, check out the new website, fill out a form, make a phone call, follow our food truck, etc.
  4. What else are you doing, if anything, to achieve those results?
  5. How much are you comfortable spending?

An honest answer to that fifth question is necessary for us to put together a solid media plan. I have been told by a relatively big advertiser “the sky’s the limit,” who then scoffed when we presented an annual budget of $100,000 because it was way too much. I wanted to reply, “then the sky is actually not the limit, and you probably had a limit in mind, but didn’t tell us,” but I do my best to keep those thoughts to myself.

If you own a small business and can only afford $300/month in digital advertising, that’s okay. We can put together a media plan for you. If you can afford to spend $30,000 per month, that’s cool, too. We can put together a media plan for you. We base the plan on the answers to those five questions, and everyone will answer those questions differently. The key is to answer them honestly and set us all up for success.